Mega Delay

April 19, 2007

Yes its been for over about 2 mnths since I posted.

I was really busy in the days and i might not ever post unless its something I really want to talk about.

And just use this site to post your cheats, hints etc. I did a post before this one which had many cheats in it.


Pizzatron 3000

March 1, 2007

The new game pizzatron 3000 was released and is awesome, the pizzatron is in the pizza parlour below the Kitchen sign.

The secrets for the game is pressing the switch to make sweet pizzas.

(images will come soon.)

Clock Tower and another new game!

February 23, 2007

There will be a new game coming soon heres the image:

pizza machine

The clock tower is finnaly here, heres the image of it:

clock tower

If you throw a snowball at the target the target moves.

Big delay!!

February 20, 2007

Sorry for the big delay since I was busy.

 Rockhopper left as well.

Also in the festival of snow party the crown is free at the plaza and the ice shirt is at the mountain.

And the new pin is hidden in the iceburg.

(Images coming soon) 

Rockhopper’s coming today!!

February 9, 2007

This is how far hes ship is to here.

Rockhopper's coming

Today is also the festival of snow coming!!

Cheats Hints Tips Glitches

February 7, 2007

This post is about cheats, tips, hints and glitches!!

Post any of them that wotks here.

A few cheats, tips, hints and glitches:

On the cp homepage:

Click on the Big blue penguin at the top right will make it change clothes.

Click on the N on the nightclub to make the blue penguin look like a ninja.

Wave your mouse over the door of the coffee shop to make a tiny penguin pop out, in other pages there are 2 doors one at the coffee shop and the other at the gift shop and if you wave on them both doors very fast the blue will talk to the green one.

Newspaper dance:

There are 2 different ways to make this trick.

The first is going to a igloo on the map then go somewhere you wanna do it and press the news, then press D on your keyboard.

The second is playing clubpenguin on ”” and press F11 on your keyboard to make it full screen. Then take a player card of anyone and make sure the send mail option is below the white bar close to the chatbar and press the news and when reading it press the send button on the player card and send that person a card and then you are out of the newspaper screen so now you can chat, dance and sit.

Teleporting block:

To stand on the path to the dock first go to the nightclub and rapidly click the exit to the town until it says loading room if steps are correct then you should be standing on that area.

Another one is to first go to play sled. When walking to the sled race press the map, then the “Would you like to join a game of sled” pops up and press yes. When playing it press a area you want to block from teleporting and go to that area and press any letter on your keyboard rapidly when you are about to teleport to the next room. (This cheat dosen’t work sometimes.)

Walk on walls:

There are many ways to walk on walls.

The first is the light house one which you walk into the fish cooler and press the door then quickly press somewhere on the stairs to walk to it.

The second is to walk though the lightbulb in the beacon by pressing the equal or plus key on your keyboard. The screen will turn blury. When blury go on the lightbulb and press it again to unblury it. Then you can walk thought the bulb by pressing somewhere on the otherside.(This cheat may not work sometimes.)

The third is to play sled and press the map while walking to the sled. Then press yes to play sled. When playing sled press anywhere you want to walk on the walls. Then press any key to walk up to the newspaper.(This cheat will work only sometimes)

Aunt Arctic in shades:

Press the newspaper and go to the Aunt Acrtic section. Wave the mouse over her glasses to make her wear shades.

change ppls igloos:

To do this you must be a secret agent and go to your igloo. Press the tape measurer option then press your spy phone. Teleport anywhere you want like the hq. Then go to any igloo with items. Now press the items to move them.

How to become a ninja:

You must be at least 310 days old in cp and go to the dojo. Wait there for at least 20~40 minutes and a ninja will appear asking do you want to become a ninja.(I never tryed this one.)

How to do special glitch dances:

First wear something that can do special dances. Then open your player card and wear somethind else but DO NOT close the player card. Then press the dance button or the D on your keyboard. You should be dancing different from your clothes. There is one that I don’t get, it is wearing the hula then wear the maraca and dance. The maracas seem to be flying wildly. Theres also one more by wearing any hat except tour guides one, a eyepatch, Any T-shirt, any hand items like maracas and the flower necklace. Then take every item out and put on the face paint without closing the player card wave not dance and your character will do many silly things.

More cheats going to come soon!

Clothing Catalogue Feb 07

February 4, 2007

The clothing catalogue is updated with awesome clothes and backgrounds.

The secrets are:

Viking helment: Click on all the stars.Viking Helment secret

Blue Viking helment: Click the red one four times.

Gold Viking Helment: Click on the Tiara when the blue viking helment appears.yellow viking helment secretgold viking helment

Newspaper hat: Click on the backpack’s top.Newspaper hat secret

Night vision goggles: Click on the left snowshoe.nightvisiongoggles secret

The new pin is in the location

Rockhoppers finally coming.rockhopper spotted

Other News:

Festival of snow is coming!!

Hello world!

February 4, 2007

Hello this is my first blog.